Hebridean Holiday - Part 1

Day 1 - Aberdeen to Skye

Sunday 20th July

Left Aberdeen in the pouring rain. The car was definitely over packed, but I needed to head off. (It's a Ka and there was a bike in the back!)

Stopped off at Buckie with a few things I wouldn't need. Kilt, parasol base... Had lunch with Granny. Made good time to Inverness and was shocked by the warm sun when I stopped there!

The roads got noticeably quiet past Inverness on the route to Skye. Dad phoned while I was in the middle of nowhere to make sure I hadn't forgotten it was his birthday. I hadn't, but it wasn't a good time to call! It's a pretty nice road if you don't mind some single track, and follows the railway most of the time. There's a really neat tunnel section with a single road and the single rail just on the edge of Loch Carron.


Loch Carron

I reached Broadford around teatime and checked into the local hostel. Tea was an excellent pizza at a place called Cafe Sia just over the road.

Day 2 - Skye to Stornoway

Monday 21st July

I headed straight for Portree in the morning. Lots of low hanging clouds and I suspect I missed some good views of the mountains on the way. It was dry though, and I had a wee wander around the town. There was a cruise ship offshore, the Adonia, and lots of silver haired people being ferried ashore!

There was a young lad busking with his pipes. He was fine, maybe a bit fast for his own good though. Also found a music shop where I couldn't resist buying something. In this case Diversions by Diamh.




The cruise ship Adonia


A very pink house!


That's the Old Man of Storr in the distance north of Portree


I'm sure that's supposed to be a pretty impressive mountain range. Oh well, I'm sure I'll see it later.


I've no idea what caused this strange banding in the sky.

Headed on the main road to Uig, but it wasn't far and the ferry was a couple hours away. So I carried on the road north and found the Skye Museum of Island Life. A cute little museum of life in the past in Skye.


Looking over the Minch to the Outer Hebrides

It's also near the gravesite of Flora MacDonald, who famously ferried Bonny Prince Charlie over from the Outer Hebrides in 1746 after the fateful rising of 1745.


Headed back to Uig to catch the ferry. An even younger lad busking here, good site for some cash!
The ferry crossing was very smooth sailing. Until they decided it was a good time to test their emergency turns! Gah! I kept my lunch down though. Saw some whales during the crossing, and looking back toward Skye I saw some impressive looking mountains which I missed earlier.


MV Hebrides.


I'm not quite sure what this is exactly. It's just past Uig as you head out into the Minch.



That's some impressive looking mountains, how did I miss that earlier?


Heading "straight" across the sea!


Some sort of large sea creature.


Arriving at Tarbert

When we got off the ferry I didn't really have a chance to stop before I was already out of Tarbert. I just headed north towards Stornoway. I had a quick drive around town, much bigger than I expected, then found the Laxdale campsite I had looked up. It had obviously just been busy with the HebCelt festival which I'd missed. I pitched my tent and cooked a tin of soup on my new camping stove.

I got my bike out and headed off to see the town. However I started heading out along the "Point" road so decided to follow it all 12 miles to the lighthouse at the end! I was a bit tired after that.


And just to prove I'd cycled there!

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