The *New* Blog

I decided to cobble something together for my recent holiday images rather than just facebooking them as usual.

  • I've gone for Ghost as that's the cool and "in" thing at the moment.
  • The blog pages are now made using MarkDown
  • The hosting has been moved onto DigitalOcean.
  • NameServers have been updated, though I'll have to wait till it propagates.

I've still a bunch of stuff in the TODO list:

  • Finish my first series of holiday posts.
  • Learn MarkDown. (I've already spotted one thing I've been doing wrong).
  • Add Google tracking code.
  • Figure out if I've broken my email address after the DNS changes.
  • Relearn how to use this Linux stuff!
  • Get a theme sorted out.
  • Figure out something to blog about, possibly music related...