Hebridean Holiday - Part 5

Day 10 - Crossing the Minch

Tuesday 29th July

A very blustery day. I headed north from the bunkhouse and followed the North West road round the island. There wasn't a lot of interest here, perhaps a few more huge beaches, but it must've been high tide. There was an odd small tower I passed.



I later found out that this is Scolpaig Tower


This is a bonny cottage in North Uist

I had a drive up to Berneray again where I'd arrived from Harris. The sun came out as I was looking across to Harris, I could make out the ferry coming back across.


A beach in Berneray looking over to Harris

Back in Lochmaddy, I had a look around the museum. It was another exhibit about St Kilda. I had some soup again there. I also spotted a postcard in the shop of a pipe band. Turns out it was the AUOTC and I could make out Mysie and Gordon in it! I sent that back to the band.

I was quite a bit early for the ferry, but the rain came on again so I just waited at the front of the queue. The ferry was over an hour late due to a road accident on Skye. I was a bit apprehensive about the crossing due to the weather but it turned out to still be rather calm.


There's Eaval again on the left. Farewell Uist!

Due to the delay I was a bit late getting back to Portree, and the rain was pretty heavy. The hostels were full, the B&Bs were full and I couldn't find the Campsite. Fortunately I found it just before they put up the "full" sign, and the rain stopped for just long enough for me to get the tent up. I had a fish supper from down at the harbour and then an early night.

Day 10 - Skye, the low parts...

Wednesday 30th July

It was raining and there wasn't the best forecast. I headed north on the road to Staffin to see what was up there.

The Old Man of Storr was the first place I passed. It looks pretty cool, but it was swarming with tourists, a lot more than I ever saw in the Outer Hebrides. I decided not to go for a climb, as it wasn't the best day for it anyhow.


The Old Man himself

Further up the coast there some waterfalls, and then the Kilt Rock cliffs. I could see over to Raasay, where the famous "Calum's Road" is. I had planned to take the bike over there if it was fine, but alas.


Looking over to Raasay and Rona


It's some water falling


This was actually the worst sheep traffic jam of the whole trip


It apparently looks like a kilt


That's a better waterfall




These birds were swooping from the cliff directly below the Kilt Rock viewpoint.

I made it up to Staffin. Just a wee place, but I knew I wanted to see the hut...


"The Hut on Staffin Island"

After that I took the road south again, back through Portree and ontowards Dunvegan. I had a look round the castle here, though it wasn't the most photogenic castle ever. I did see a very old set of two drone pipes there though.




Can you spot the castle here?




This guy was hunting for something

I took the south road from Dunvegan, as it should in theory give some pretty good views on the way back to Sligachan. I passed another old Dun on the way. Not quite as complete as the one in Carloway on Lewis, but surprisingly similar in design.


Burnt heather below the Dun


I think this was the brightest the weather got


The design is very familiar after being at the one in Lewis


Again with the low entrances!

I carried on the road but there were no fantastic mountains to be seen, and I reached Sligachan much sooner than I expected. This was the view I had of the Cullins:


There are mountains there, somewhere, or so I'm told

The forcast by this point was basically the same for the next two days. I had the option of heading straight for home (Buckie was only 3 and half hours away) and family were visiting the next day. I decided to head off, the Cullins can wait for another time.


One final sight, the slightest break in the clouds shines light on this waterfall just south of Sligachan