2014 Fitness Review

I know, I know, it's well into 2015 already. I just wanted to get some thoughts down about last year and plans for this year. This first one is about fitness, hopefully I'll get a few more done soon.


I actually managed to improve my fitness a wee bit this year. A bit more cycling, a lot more walking and even a spot of running. It has certainly stopped my from increasing weight in the winter months like I usually do. My 34 inch waist jeans are now hanging off me, next pair will be back down to 32!


According to Strava, I did 697 miles last year. That's not including most of my commute however. I'm sure that's more than ever before, but it still could be much much more. For example, during my holiday I only had the bike out twice. Last spin was in November.
We did make it up the Bin Hill on Christmas day though, which makes a change from the usual lack of activity.
2015 - No big plans, but maybe I need to get away once in a while, and take that new tent with me.


Well there was the Kiltwalk, and the associated training for that. Though that did stop completely once it was over. I didn't go up ANY big hills this year though, and my Munro list is still stands at a grand total of 0.
We did make it up the Bin Hill on Christmas day though, which makes a change from the usual lack of activity.
2015 - Don't think I'll do another Kiltwalk. Ben Nevis maybe, or is that aiming too high?


After the Kiltwalk I did however try another stab at running again. I've done it before a couple of time for a short while, but both times stopped due to injuring myself. I've been using a 5k app on my phone, which promises to get you to 5k within 8 weeks.
I did 20 runs over 9 weeks, and never made it to 5k. If I stuck to previous week programs a couple of times rather than progressing to save hurting myself. Mid November however I did feel a bit of a twinge in my knee so I stopped again. A week later it was better but then I was struck by a nasty throat infection instead. It was another couple of weeks before I got over that, and so I gave up!
2015 - Alas, not all is lost, I managed out tonight again, restarting again at week 4, and it didn't seem to do me any harm. I think I should plan on going along to a parkrun sometime and see what all the fuss is about.