2014 Reading Review

I seem to have taken to reading more this year. I even bought a Kindle Paperwhite, and don't regret it. However, I'm beginning to forget exactly what I've read so I thought it would be good to get some of it down here.

Saints of the Shadow Bible - Ian Rankin

This was my first book of the year. I read or re-read all the Ian Rankin Rebus and Fox books over 2012-2013, and I bought this for my Dad's Christmas. This appeared on Kindle however for a mere 99p just after release, so I actually read it on that. I remember it was good, though I'm struggling to remember specifics about the plot now, a year later.

Spinward Fringe - Randolph Lalonde

This is a space opera series of 9 books (so far) which are self published. I've been reading them a while, and though not the best literature, are thoroughly enjoyable reads. I probably read the last two of these at the start of the year. I'll be buying the next in the series for sure.

The Lewis Trilogy - Peter May

These three books (The Black House, The Lewis Man and The Chess Men) I read on holiday this summer to Lewis/Harris/Uist. As I mentioned before, they were really good, and fitted in nicely with my tour of the isles. There's still no sign if he's writing any more involving the same characters, however I may try some of his other books at some point.

Eeny Meeny - M. J. Alrlidge

My Dad found this on his summer holiday and recommended it. Easily my worst book of the year. It's a crime novel in the same vein as say a Rebus or McRae, but the writing was horrible (not that I'm saying I could do better!). There's a second one out already, and the third is next month. I think I will be skipping them.

The Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North

I spotted this one in a book shop and I'm a bit of a sucker for Groundhog Day type stories. I was not disappointed, it was a well thought out story and I couldn't wait to see how things evolved in each of his "lives".

Redshirts - John Scalzi

Now this is a good book. My favourite read last year. I spotted it a while ago and kept meaning to get it. It's basically a parody of Star Trek, hence the red shirts, and Star Trek even exists in universe. If you've ever been a fan of the show, buy this!

Lock In - John Scalzi

After that great read, I almost immediately got this one too. Completely different to the other one, this is a near future serious sci-fi novel. Definately read this too! I wouldn't mind seeing more stories from this universe too, and I'll have to check out some of his older books too.

The God Patent - Ransom Stephens

This is an odd book. I spotted it while browsing Amazon, and the title and premise hooked me. It wasn't quite what I expected however, and the plot was a little bit all over the place. Overall though, I would say that I enjoyed it.

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith

Another crime novel, and also looking to be a continuing series. This was miles better than Eeny Meeny, as I'd hoped from the author of Harry Potter! I will definately be reading the second one at some point.

The Martian - Andy Weir

This was a cracking book. Again, just spotted it in a bookshop and the premise sounded good. It had a good balance of technical details and believability.

Magician / Silverthorn / A Darkness at Sethanon - Raymond E. Feist

I'm not quite sure why I picked up the first book in this epic 30 book series. I'm not known to read much Fantasy. That may have changed however, as I stormed through Magician, and then quickly followed by the other two. And then...

Prince of the Blood / The King's Buccaneer - Raymond E. Feist

...I was straight onto another saga in this series. And then...

Shadow of a Dark Queen / Rise of a Merchant Prince / Rage of a Demon King / Shards of a Broken Crown - Raymond E. Feist

...I was straight onto another saga in this series. Okay, you get the point. So far, the series has spanned maybe a hundred years. A lot of characters have come and gone, but I can probably recall most of them, which I assume is a result of the excellent story telling and character development. Despite the constant cast changes, there are a core of regular characters (who live long lives) and the world is thought out and developed.
I've already bought most of the remainder of the books in this series, and will slowly work my way through them in 2015. Actually, the first two are already done!

2015 Reads

  • Raymond E. Feist - I've still loads of these to read. And I will!
  • Stuart MacBride - The new Logan MacRae is out NEXT WEEK. So that's an obvious purchase!
  • Robert Galbraith - I'll get the second one at some point.
  • JK Rowling - I've actually got The Casual Vacancy on the Kindle, so will have to read it at some point.
  • Game of Thrones - I have all of these on Kindle too from a sale once. Maybe 2015 will be the year?
  • Hugh Howey - I picked up "The Wool Trilogy", so hopefully I'll get round to that.
  • Consider Phlebas - Iain M Banks. I've had this on my pile of shame for a couple of years. I really should give it a try.