Recently I was asked to submit a tune or two for a new tunebook being produced by the Scottish Culture & Traditions classes. I haven't really written many tunes before, but after some nagging, I sent in a couple. This is the first one I ever wrote.


X: 1
T: The Earlick Reel
C: David Flett
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:FBBf fBBf|gabg fga2|FBBf fBFB|ABcG F4:|


The tune is pretty basic, and I wrote it just after I first learned the fantastic G.S. McLennan tune, "The Little Cascade". You may notice some influences there, though this one does go a bit beyond the pipe scale.

There is also an oddity you may spot if you are a whistle player, in that it doesn't use the bottom two fingers on the whistle at all. No Ds or Es in the whole tune.

The curious name for this tune comes from a road sign in Elrick. I'm not sure how this particular spelling came about.

By the way, just thought I'd add that I used to generate the image and midi files.